Home Staging – Interior Redesign

image-5Get the most out of your home!

Vine of Design, LLC is the first and most important step you can make if you want your home to sell. We can help you sell faster, easier and for more! We specialize in home staging and decorating services in the Greater Burlington area of Vermont. Vine of Design understands current trends, styles and the buyer demographics of the real estate market for every corner of Vermont.

Do you love LIVING in your home?

Vine of Design’s home staging, interior decorating and redesign services connect your family to each space in your home, so that it’s organized, beautiful, stress-free and the perfect reflection of you. What makes us happy? To help you love where you live!

  • Home Staging
  • Vacant Staging
  • Interior Redesign
  • Professional Organizing
  • Color Consulting

The first goal in home design and staging is to always to use what you already have to transform your space.  In staging this transformation will result in what potential buyers are looking for. Creating and recreating spaces that anyone can relate to is the key to success. Each home requires a different and customized approach.

Do you have a space that needs to be staged for potential residents?

After our initial consultation, we do all the research of the necessary furnishings and accessories. We add a cozy feeling to the living space, so viewers can really picture themselves in this space. Rentals billed generally by the room (delivery charges and HOURLY RATES are in addition).


Our design services start with a consultation where we meet, view the home, and together are able to assess your wishes, style, budget and lifestyle. The options to this service are absolutely endless and together we’ll reach a price and timeline to meet your distinct needs. From custom curtains/drapes to organization of your existing home, new furniture to color consultations, and conservative approaches, t0 funky and creative ideas, The Vine does it all, and absolutely LOVES doing it!


Organizing is a very personal matter. Some clients hire us to come in and set things right. Others want the help deciding what to keep and how to organize it.  Others want help for a loved one in the form of downsizing. Vine of Design can work very fast, or go as slow as you need. Again, this is a very personal matter. Respect and confidentiality are of the utmost importance.


Everyone messes up color at one time or another. It’s a common occurrence for people that love to change the look of their homes. Don’t be afraid to ask for a consult!  Color can change the look and feel of everything in your home. It should reflect you, your lighting and your style.